About us

About us

Your specialist in pewter

DNL combines manufacturing art with craftsmanship, our name stands for decades of manufacturing tradition of a German family company, superior material competence and stylish design. The pewter, which enjoys the international reputation as German Silver, is one of the most beautiful materials, elegant, fine and wonderful to work with. From one-off to small series, only souvenirs that give outstanding achievements and special experiences a tangible, unforgettable expression leave our manufactory.

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Why we?

DNL is a 3rd generation heritage house with a dedication to historical material, artwork and craftsmanship. Almost all motifs are still engraved by hand in the molds and every action on the product is done with care and with the aim of delivering a 100 % quality product.

DNL produces 100% in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, on the medieval trade route Nuremberg - Prague, almost in the heart of Bavaria. We are proud to present one of the most impressive collections of pewter motifs in Europe.